• The exchange of experience in Finland

    In order to improve knowledge and get acquainted with the practice of foreign colleagues in the field of restoration of degraded peatlands and analysis of greenhouse gas (GHG) data, on May 14-18 LIFE REstore project carried out an experience exchange visit to Finland.

    The focus of the exchange was put on learning from Finnish colleagues who have developed a solid background of knowledge by implementing numerous projects within the framework of the European Commission's LIFE program aimed at restoring wetland ecosystems and developing GHG emission models.

    Project representatives from Nature Conservation Agency, association Baltic Coasts, and Latvian State Forest Institute ‘’Silava’’ participated in two experience exchange seminars- in Natural Resources Institute of Finland (location in Oulu) and in Finnish Meteorological Institute (Helsinki).

    Both seminars made ground not only for a potential cooperation among experts in the future perspective but also were highly appreciated regarding the shared knowledge of Finnish colleagues who presented the activities and results of LIFE program projects LIFE PeatLandUse, LIFE FRESHABIT and LIFE MONIMET. A valuable knowledge was gained from the experience of Finnish experts in the field of GHG emission modeling, which uses both long-term results and different climate data.

    In cooperation with the Finnish state-owned company Wildlife Finland Metsähallitus, LIFE REstore team had the opportunity to visit several peatlands located in the Finnish National Parks- Salamajärvi and Pyhä-Häkki, which were restored within the framework of the BorealPeatLand LIFE project. The experience of restoration of these peatlands is also considered to be useful for the implementation in LIFE REstore pilot areas.

    LIFE REstore experts had the opportunity to see various types of peat dams that were built several decades ago, or more recently- three years ago. This was an opportunity to assess not only the restoration of the vegetation which is typical to the bog, but also the restoration of the whole bog ecosystem, which includes both the increase of the diversity of bird species and success of the reintroduction of reindeer population in the Salamajärvi National Park.

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