LIFE REstore Layman's Report has been prepared providing overall summary about project's objectives, results and long-term investments in climate change mitigation. Each European Commission LIFE program project has to prepare Layman's Report at the final stage of the project.


The aim of LIFE REstore is to develop recommendations for sustainable management of peatlands after peat extraction, by balancing environmental, climate and economic aspects.

LIFE REstore Layman's Report provides summary on the main activities of the project, inventory of degraded peatlands in Latvia and establishment of a publicly available database, demo-sites, greenhouse gas emission measurements in managed peatlands, ecosystem services evaluation, optimisation model for sustainable management of degraded peatlands.

Layman's Report in English-HERE. Layman's Reportin Latvian-HERE.


Activities are implemented within the European Union LIFE program Climate Action sub-program Climate Change Mitigation priority area project “Sustainable and responsible management and re-use of degraded peatlands in Latvia” (LIFE REstore, LIFE14 CCM/LV/001103). The implementation of the project is coordinated by the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian State Forest Research Institute ‘’Silava’’, the Latvian Peat Association and the association ‘’Baltic Coasts’’. More information: